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Google Data Studio not pulling data from connected Google Sheet

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Does Google Data Studio have a way to just bring a number in a cell over from a linked Google Sheet?


April 24, the number will be 40

April 25, the number will be 41

April 26, the number may be 40 or 42


I have row A set as column names and column 1 set as date following the format YYYY-MM-DD (in Google Sheets I don't see a date format of YYYYMMDD without the dashes). That part seems to work. But as soon as I try to bring the numerical data over that is in the table, GDS can only give me the count (number representing how many entries I have), sum of all numbers in that column, average of all numbers, max of all numbers, min of all numbers, but never the number itself.


I even thought to input the numerical field from as text (since I just need the value), but that changes the value from a metric to a dimension and then I can't use the value.



Google Data Studio not pulling data from connected Google Sheet

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Hi @Rotate D


I have done something similar to pull through a daily budget number, linked on date - I believe this may give you what your looking for, here's a link to my blog post walk through:


In this example it's a bar chart, but you can pull this number through in a scorecard if you prefer and it will work just fine.


Hope that helps,