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Google Analytics statistics collection is wrong

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I read that I shouldn't count on Blogger stats because it is counting bots, crawlers and a lot of hits that are not human. The numbers are relatively high but I shouldn't be happy so much because most of those hits are not real people that are reading my blog.

I added GA code to make sure everything is in its place and even though I will see less hits, I'd know they are real people that actually read my blog.

After several days of seeing both hits, it seems that while Blogger stats are high, I get really low hits on GA. I publish a post every couple of days so I gave it several days and at first it seemed to not work at all but then I saw 3-4 hits though I'm sure more people entered my blog.

When I looked at behavior -> site content -> all pages, I saw several of my pages with 2 hits the most and the root page of my blog with a bit more. The interesting part is that the bounce rate for the all pages is 100% and the average time was 0 for ALL those hits. As if when someone finally entered my blog, they'd immediately jump out of it as if they saw a snake.

So what's the problem you ask? The thing is I don't really have a proof. I know several people are reading my blog but I didn't ask them when, what page and how long they were there exactly but the stats seemed to be out of scope just as the Blogger stats are out of scope to the other side.

When looking in Blogger stats per page, they differ. If I had no visitors, they should all be around the same number but they are not as if there are real hits on top of the bots on.

After A bit more exploration it seems that GA is collecting most of the hits into the root page (/) of the blog and not to the actual page. On the other hand, I get "hits" from which is definitely a bot of some kind.
Any idea what I can do to understand what's going on?


link: (it might be relevant to my question, it redirects to

Re: Google Analytics statistics collection is wrong

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Any help on this one?