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Google Analytics: Acquisition->Social->Landing Pages not showing up correctly in Data Studio

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In Google Analytics, there is a list of pages for Acquisition->Social->Landing Pages like below:


social acquisistion.pngMenu

GA list.pngGA Page List


In Google Data Studio, I use the following setup:


Data Source: Google Analytics

Dimension: Page

Metric: Sessions


Then, I add the following table filter:

Include > Medium > Contains > Social


The issue is that the table does not display the same list as Google Analytics. This is what the list looks like in Data Studio:


DS List.pngData Studio List

I have tried different dimensions, and can't quite get the filter to display the same list. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to set this up so that the information in Google Data Studio displays the same list in the table as Google Analytics?







Google Analytics: Acquisition->Social->Landing Pages not showing up correctly in Data Studio

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hi @6D A


Maybe it's stupid, but is your table in Data Studio order by "Page" ? 

Re: Google Analytics: Acquisition->Social->Landing Pages not showing up correctly in Data Stud

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Hi there,


We saw this thread was we were intrigued and had to understand what was going on here. (We replied before, but our reply was deleted)


From a review, we have found a solution for you.


What is happening is that you are getting data for your table from this view: Acquisition->All Traffic->Channels->Social


The difference the two views is:

  • Acquisition->All Traffic->Channels->Social:
    • includes only traffic from the medium "social" 
  • Acquisition->Social->Landing Pages:
    • this view is a combination specific social related traffic from two mediums "social" and "referral".
      • *See below image for reference.
      • To see this info, add the secondary dimension source/medium.


Google Analytics Social Landing Pages with secondary dimension added 042017 2.PNG



The solution we found to display the same data in Data Studio that you are seeing in the Acquisition->Social->Landing Pages view it to update your table filter to something like the following.

See image below.Google Data Studio Social Landing Page Session Filter Configuration 042017.PNG


The easiest way to do this and insure you include all sources is to just go to the Acquisition->Social->Landing Pages view with the secondary dimension "source/medium" added and copy each unique one and paste it into the filed with a "|" (bar) in between each one. You will want to check this everynow and then to insure there are not new sources included/added that you are missing. Start by using a big date range so you can include as many as possible, unless you get a ton of traffic. Smiley Happy

We hope this helps.


Have a great day,


KPI Marketing


If you need more help, or would like a custom Data Studio dashboard/report created for you please contact us and we would be happy to help.