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Google Adwords - Campaign view

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I am brand new to Data Studio and I’m creating an Adwords dashboard.

At the moment the dashboard is using the data for ALL campaigns in my Adwords account.

Is it possible to only use the data from a single campaign?

For example, currently my Adwords account is split into different campaigns per country, i.e. English Campaign, French Campaign, Spanish Campaign.

However my dashboard is showing data from across all these.

I want to be able to visualise just the English Campaign on the dashboard.

How do I do this?

Re: Google Adwords - Campaign view

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Hi Daniel,


to visualize only the english campaigns you can create a global filter in Data Studio.


To do this the report settings panel in Data Studio lets you configure a number of general properties for the report.

To access the report settings panel:

  • Edit the report
  • Select File > Report settings, or right-click the canvas, then click Report settings
  • Here you can find the global filter area. 

Configuring a filter in the report settings panel sets it as the default for the entire report. All components that share the same (or similar) data source are affected by the filter. 

You can find more information here:


In my screenshot below i have created a filter for "Country/Area" = "Germany"

2017-06-29 16-43-45.png


Kind regards