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Hi. We've been looking for something that will produce client facing Management Information Reports/Dashboards and Data Studio looks perfect.  I've had a go at following the tutorials but without success.  Is there any training available?  Can you give me contact details for Sales so we can discuss licenses etc.

Getting started

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Hey Jeffrey, I am not a Google employee, but I have been working with Data Studio for the past 2 months intensely and have figured out what the Beta can do and what it can't do.  I personally love the product and have used for several clients.


If you are working with Google Analytics primarily it is perfect.  If you are bringing data into it from a third party source via Google Spreadsheets or Mysql, it works, but there are a lot of small limitations still. I personally believe they will increase the product's capabilities soon, but for now here are a few limitations.  If you can live with them, you are good to go.  As far as talking with Google Sales, personally I don't think they work that way (right now).


- I ran into an issue where if you just need to show a chart of figures, there is a limit to 10 columns.

- The charts do not let you add a URL/link to graph/chart items so you can't allow customers to link.

- There is a limitation to 5 reports total (for now).  Though you can add it seems many, many pages to a report, so that is not a big one.


I am putting together a series of blog articles about how to do certain tasks.  There are a bunch of experts doing this out there as well.  Here is my first article.  Otherwise you will have to wait till it is out of beta and they have put together proper documentation.




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Hi Daniel


Thanks very much for your reply, very helpful of you.  I'll take a look.


Kind regards