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GeoData - correctly locating cities?

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I have stumbled on an issue when using maps in Data Studio which I do not know how to resolve. I display a map showing sales in different cities across the world; however, Data Studio seems to be very US-centric, and will prefer locations in US to those in other parts of the world, if there is a possibility of choice. For instance, sales in Dublin. Ireland (pop. 572,000 , are shown as coming from Dublin, Ohio (pop. 43,600) and those from Manchester, UK (pop. 514,000) are shown as coming from Manchester, New Hampshire (pop. 110,000). Even a simplified algorithm would at least have chosen the most populous city as the most reasonable location, but a better and correct solution must surely be the ability to specify the country which a particular town is located in.


Now, the data that I am using does have "country" as a field, so it should not prove impossible to fix, but I cannot understand that there is any ability for me as a user of Data Studio to inform the application about this "guide".


A proposed solution could be to always require a valid "Country" field being present in the data source, if "City" is selected as a dimension AND "Continent" or World" are chosen as zoom areas.