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Geo Map displaying changing, invalid data for certain past intervals

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1) past data pulling from GA is changing in DS without a clear cause

2) some smaller date ranges are showing larger results than strictly larger ones

Both issues are apparent in Geo Maps.


About a month ago, I created a report which filters company website data from GA in various ways to slice and dice it as the department needs. For background, the document uses two customizable report-wide filters--one for date, and one for a custom dimension based on the utm medium.

One of the pages of the report uses a geo map of the United States, which has the appearance of valid data. However, I've been having a few strange issues with it. The most strange is this, best shown in pictures.



 capture 2-16-17--range 1-17-17--2-15-17.PNGdisplayed 2-16-17. Range 1-17-17 to 2-15-17.capture 2-24-17--range 1-17-17--2-15-17.PNGdisplayed 2-24-17. Range 1-17-17 to 2-15-17.



















The sparse map is from a screenshot I took on the 16th of February. The more normal-looking map was from a screenshot I just took. The filters applied (date and utm medium) are the same for each. The date range was 1/17/17 - 2/15/17, so it never included the current day, and the parameters of the report were entirely unchanged during that time. The metric being displayed is sessions. Interestingly, the total sessions for the range as displayed in the sparse map is 566, while that of the map taken today shows 1,341.


The other strange issue with the data (which may be related, but I'm just not sure) is certain date ranges showing more sessions for various states than certain strictly larger ranges. Here are a couple of examples:


-Jan 10 - Feb 5: TX:154, WV:2, total:1646

-Jan 10 - Feb 13: TX:146, WV:1, total:1676

-Jan 10 - Feb 20: TX:151, WV:0, total:1717


-Jan 17 - Feb 12: CA:90, TX:128, FL:82, NC:57

-Jan 17 - Feb 13: CA:88, TX: 126, FL:81, NC:56


One more thing--the Jan 10 - Feb 5 range above, with TX at 154 sessions, I wrote down on the 22nd. Today, that same range said Texas had 156 sessions!


These date ranges are dealing with relatively long-past data, which shouldn't be changing. Also, my company has a 360 account, so data should be unsampled IIRC. 



Any ideas?