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GEO MAP with region codes - ISO 3166-2 encoding not recognised ?

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I have been trying to use a geomap to create a heatmap of the contacts we recieve.

I tried using the "Region code" field type, following the instructions here:


I tried to use the ISO 3166-2 Encoding format for cosmopolitan departments (example: "FR-01") for my data source (a google sheet).

  1. When setting the field type to "region code", an error message appears: "You are setting Gauche as a Region Code, but we couldn't recognise its format."
    I checked and double checked and the format of my data is following the standard exactly. Should I transform it further with a function ? the field is currently a a text with the region code.
  2. When inserting the Geo Map, I can select the zoom level to France but I it will not display anything. The scale however is aware of the maximum number of leads received.

To make sure that it is not a problem with departments, I tried to go one level above (metropolitan regions), with codes like "FR-ARA", no success either. I even tried an older ISO 3166-2 code for cosmopolitan region just in case, such as "FR-A". None of this worked.


Did anyone encounter similar problem with Geo fields, Region code field in particular ? It seems very akward for data not coming from analytics or Adwords.





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I don't believe you can specifically target France as a county, the closest you can get is Western Europe - what dimensions are you trying to plot and which measures are you using?



GEO MAP with region codes - ISO 3166-2 encoding not recognised ?

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Hi @Ben P, Thanks for the reply. I just updated the post with more details.


Looking at the documentation, It seems like I can Target France as a country (not in the list of excluded ones)country:


The dimension i'm plotting comes from the postal code (we have the postal code of all our contacts). postal codes look something like "45000", with the 2 first digit being the dept number. So I created a custom field to get the ISO 3166-2 equivalent:
CONCAT('FR-', SUBSTR(Postcode, 1, 2)) --> "FR-45" which seems ok (ref here:


The metric is just a count of the number of contacts we got for a given date range. I used a Table on Data studio to  make sure the field is calculate properly and the metric ok. The table shows all fine. But the Geo Map won't display anything.

The zoom level of the map is set to France.


Hope this gives you more details.


GEO MAP with region codes - ISO 3166-2 encoding not recognised ?

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Hi Armand,


You are correct - reading through the docs it looks like you can target France as you want to, I haven't done this before so it's good to know! Smiley Happy


Reading back through your post and looking at the documentation I don't see anything incorrect - you seem to have followed the steps perfectly. It may be worth submitting a help request direct to Google about this, it seems to be an issue with recognition of your field within DataStudio rather than something incorrect with the data.


Sorry I can't be more helpful, please do share the solution here when you get it working!