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GA Goals Not Reporting as Expected.

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Hello, I am seeing an issue with the Analytics Goals in Data Studio.

I have linked a GA view to Data Studio and I am using it as data source for my reports. It all works fine but I cannot see the current Goals name or value.

Time ago I have renamed an old existing goal and used for tracking something else. Now, the goal works fine in GA but when it comes to Data Studio it is still showing up with the old name and is not showing any data inside.

I have of course tried to update the fields and reconnect the data source but with no success.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help

Re: GA Goals Not Reporting as Expected.

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I am having the same issue. It's three days later and the goal names haven't updated in Data Studio. Everything in the Google Analytics UI is updated as expected. Re-added the GA data connection to  a couple of times and still no luck.