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Filter control - how to group page urls

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I'm trying to set up a filter control that displays custom page groupings.

ie. The filter control would list:

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

where each topic would have a several different pages in it. ex. Topic 1 would include  "begins with /path1" and "/path2" "/path3" , etc.


I'm having trouble wrapping my head around where to start to be able to set this up. I tried looking at creating a custom dimension, but I didn't see how to add url conditions like I would with the properties filter.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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January 2017

Filter control - how to group page urls

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Hi @Emma L ,

You can create content grouping and apply them as dimension in filter control.

For content groupings setup, you can go to Admin > Content Grouping (In View) > Group using rule definition. 

Hope this helps,

Filter control - how to group page urls

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Thanks Ritwik. I think that's going to work for me. The only problem is that content grouping only shows the data from this point forward so I'm going to be losing a few years worth of data. That being said, it's still probably the best solution moving forward. Thanks!