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Filter by two date fields issue

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Hey guys,


I'm fighting with this issue for a couple days already and haven't yet found  a working solution. Maybe anyone can help me here.


I have a DB in MySQL. 

It has records and for simplification let's say there are three columns:

1. id

2. date 1

3. date 2


What I want to do is to filter out all the ids where date 1 and date 2 were within the same month in given time period.


And here it starts:

- filter criteria cannot take into account other fields

- when I try to create calculated field with CASE WHEN it doesn't want to take as criteria MONTH(date 1) = MONTH (date 2). And even throws Invalid Formula error for MONTH (date 1) > 1, even though it shows values as integers if to add MONTH (date 1) as dimension.


I feel like I'm missing something fundamental or just fighting against broken connector to MySQL. Any help really appreciated.