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Filter by session duration and landing page

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Hi guys,


I think this may be a bug rather than a missing feature, but i'm trying to create a dashboard (using one data source, namely Google Analytics) in which a number of score cards and tables are filtered by both session duration and landing page.


Essentially i want sessions that landed on the blog page and sessions with a session duration of greater than 20 seconds.


I can get the landing page filter to work no problem (a simple regex) but when i try to add a sessions duration filter that's when things get tricky, either filtering by a element filter or create a generic dashboard filter return 'no data' errors. 


Any idea why this might be?


As a note i also tried creating a new dimensions within the data source which is a 'case' formula returning a Boolean of above or below 20 seconds, This works as a generic dashboard filter when no other filters are applied, but if i then also apply a element filter (for landing page) i get another 'no data' error.