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Filter Controls and Data Refresh Issue

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I'm experimenting with Google Data Studio for the last two weeks with connections to MySQL.


Starting from today I'm experiencing issue that was not presented until now (recently).


The issue is that when I select only one value into filter control everything start showing that there is no data (I mean anything like metrics that are showing numbers, etc are zero) even the same metric that is shown into the filter. In the same time the metric into the filter is not zero. If I select more than one values into the filter everything is OK. The data and the metrics are showing correct numbers. The data into the database is showing data for that particle filter value and date range.


So I'm using MySQL and I checked the queries log and the queries that are going to the database.

When single value is selected (and not cashed) there is no query executed against the DB. When more than one values are selected few queries (that seems OK) are executed.


I think that there is some new problem with the cashing into the Data Studio that was not presented until now.


Could help me with that issue. 


Thank you.