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[FEATURE REQUEST] Improved Filter Customization and Search on Front End

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In our data, we had to transpose our table due to Data Studio not working on headers that repeat themselves, in our case the headers were dates due to having to run reports more than once in a single day which outputted different results.


On our graphs and chart, we always use the highest data value, thus we use the "Max" aggregation. 


The filter tool when designing a graph or table is very powerful particularly if you have multiple headers that contain the data inside of each column (as our transpose data). However, because the "Create a Filter" tool works on the basis of a dimension, each header would technically be its own dimension, I am unable to create it where the filter dynamically updates the selection for the end user.


Currently, I am filtering out the data per page, with my connected sources being the date range selector. Would be amazing if the backend filters could be created as a dynamic "Selector" or a "Search" for specific Header, which would update all the tables and graphs on the page instead of creating a page for each header.