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Errors in processing metrics

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I am having trouble with a couple of averages being processed by the tool. I have a set of individual results (picture1) from 3 people from the same area which are shown in the left graph. In the right graph, I want to calculate the average of that area (the average of the individual results from those 3 people).

However, the tool calculates the average in the wrong way because the red dot from the right graph which is supposed to show the average, should be more to the middle (instead of to the left). 


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.14.49 PM.pngThe average calculated in the right graph does not make sense with the individual results from the left graph


All I did was duplicate the "Digital Mindset" and the "Conocimientos Digitales" (in english means "digital knowledge") metrics, and set the "aggregation" to "Mean" (in picture2 you read "agregación" and "Media" which are the words in spanish). 

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.19.59 PM.pngConfiguration settings for the duplicated metrics (ones with "fx" to the right)


I have several people for several areas. The tool works fine and calculates the correct average for most of the areas, but there are a few areas where the average is wrong. This causes me to do the whole graph and processing of the results on excel because I cannot show a graph on data studio with both correct and incorrect averages for areas. 


Does anybody know why this might be happening???


Please let me know