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Error data source

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Hi all,


I've build two very extensive dashboard in Google Data studio, combining Adwords en Analytics data. Each dashboard contains 11 pages, all working perfect. It did cost me a lot of time to build it, but now it is finished it works excellent and is very useful.


However, unfortunalty I receive an error message when I open the dashboard on another day. See the picture below (in English it means: one or more data sources used in this report are not attached to the report.)


Therefore ALL of my tiles are blank and I have to reconnect every tiles again (it doesnt work in group). This cost me way to much time and all my effort has been a waste now.. Does anybody has a solution?



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Error data source

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Hi @Fabienne B


As DataStudio is still in beta there have been occasions where the data sources get updated and reports need to be reconnected - I understand this is a pain for a report with as many pages as yours!


Have you tried SHIFT+Clicking on your charts to select multiple, then changing the data source, this should help speed things up a bit!




Error data source

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Thank you for your very fast reaction! I guess I have to deal with this anyway, unfortunatly! 

SHIFT + clicking does indeed work, thank you!