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Embed report in site?

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Excuse me, I think this is not my best day Smiley Very Happy
When I follow your steps (file - embed report...) I embed all the report, not just the chart I want.

Re: Embed report in site?

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No worries David A. I'm here to help. This is all new to me, and I'm offering path of least resistance solutions for this one!


Start by duplicating your work, we don't want to impact the full build for today.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.02.52 AM.pngMake a copy of this report in google data studio

 Be sure to copy it first.


Then delete everything.


Keep the chart you want to Keep David!


Now, cut down the size of the dashboard.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.04.24 AM.pngChange the canvas size.



This will allow you to 'peel back the hedges' 


As far as offering a single view per visualization, I believe that functionality is not available - I'm familiar with the request, as most business intelligence products currently offer the reverse operation --- letting you generate a chart stand-alone, which makes sharing it more straightforward.


Potentially room for growth surrounding this as duplicating content offers now two locations to design, fix, update...


It would make sense for there to be a means of offering per chart dashboards - so don't worry about it being your best day, you just uncovered something pretty outstanding. So, have a good day Smiley Happy



Embed report in site?

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If this is a design-heavy, request...


Be sure to finish, master, and get approvals across every *friggen* person that needs to have a say on this...


Otherwise, you're going to have to fix the 'big dashboard' and the small dashboards - over and over...


Rather consider order of operations before your arms fall off trying to keep up with changes...


Always make sure you're working on the 'master dashboard'.... Don't waste time editing on any spin offs...


Any duplicated content needs to be the CHILD, not a new PARENT.


As each duplication will offer 'bigger presentations' of the exact same data... You don't want to have to click two times...


I've helped 100's of companies avoid these MASSIVE CLICK FUNNELS... Always try to whiteboard this one with your mates, or you're going to be generating a hefty business intelligence environment when in actuality, a bit of outside the box thinking will give you the 'master parent' as the only place to be edited...


Maybe a bit off base, but I'm writing to the General public who will see this, and not consider the alternative - which is DUPLICATE AGAIN.... Don't go edit it. Just duplicate it. Know it's easier to duplicate rather than edit two things, and you my friend, will be a complete rock-star.


Hope this helps mate, let me know if there's anything else we can help with.



Embed report in site?

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Oh I see. It's not a Google Data Studio feature but a trick Smiley Happy


Since I would like to embed several graphs, I will think about this solution.


Thanks for your answers one more time.


Best regards,


Embed report in site?

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Not a trick. I'm just a dude who has helped a lot of companies BI environments.


I would prefer we consider this a common workflow, a common solution in this field of work, and rather important for non-developers to understand the usage of native features in Google Data Studio. 

The duplicate is there to help you generate new versions, and offers a 1 click version controller. Above is merely an algorithm to avoid 'extra clicks.'


Hehehe, don't go calling this a trick Smiley Happy, this is a well known topic in the business intelligence field.


You're welcome for the extra help. I enjoy it, no worries.




PS don't be a stranger - lets network

Re: Embed report in site? (Is now implemented/ Solved)

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Quick FYI and UPDATE:


Embedding Google Data Studio is available.


From an enterprise perspective, I wanted to brush over some content that may affect you - and now you will understand where it's coming from. I've received a few pings regarding this and felt an update would help everyone see the back end, from an administration perspective.


Have you run into an Authorization Error?


Well, there's this button here that says 'Using owners credentials' - if you swap that, you're going to hurt your end users - especially on public content. Below is a quick solution, a best practice would be "adding more people" - so you can click that plus sign little dude on the top right, to the left of the picture of me holding my son.

authorization error stims from this little slice of amazing.png


If you are seeing an error or Authorization Error - here's what's happening! (if it's a public access dashboard, below will help you piece it together with your admin/clients/users.


Explaining the Google data studio Authorization Error

Hello, below I would like to explain the Google data studio authorization error. Because currently, people are starting to utilize this internally/externally. This error kicking back has to do with a change on the admin side.

google data studio authorization error.pngAuthorization error say what


If you see an Authorization Error, please take a look at how the admin can fix your problem - if they don't want to add you directly to the data source.

 new data security swap.pnguse owner credentials or invite your mates to the datasource 
Data source credentials are more than likely changed to 'viewer credentials' - and it's a quick swap back. 


Hope this helps anyone who runs into this.


Best regards,

Tyler Garrett