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Email send reporting template

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I am looking for a data studio template for emails stats reporting.


If someone owns one, I will be grateful to get it !


Thank you 


Email send reporting template

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@Maxime M


Hi, for now, it's not supported in Data Studio, as the way to schredule a sending report in PDF

There is no template too. 

Only thing that you can do, it's to print to a PDF printer. But you need to do it page per page. 


You can also do screenshot. 

Re: Email send reporting template

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Hello Patrick,

Thank you for your reply but I realized that I wasn't clear enough in my

I am not looking for a way to send data studio reports by email.
Instead, I need a pre-designed template to make a reporting of my emailing
campaigns (email opened, email clicked,...) because I think data studio is
a great tool to make time comparison.

If anyone has one, is it possible to share it ?

Thanks a lot

Maxime Souday