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Dimensions difference Report and Query Explorer

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Hey guys,

i have a problem within my query explorer, that I dont understand:

The dimensions TransactionID and Page cannot be queried together in the Query Explorer. But the can be reported together an the GA Reports.

Is this a bug, is it a different version of the API or did I miss an adjustment somewhere?




Re: Dimensions difference Report and Query Explorer

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Hi Marcel,


What all Dimensions & Metrics you're querying? Generally, you should never mix session-level dimension and metrics with hit-level ones 


I was able to query hit-level Dimensions (ga: transactionId, ga: pagePath), together with another hit-level Metric (ga: pagePath)


But getting an error when included another hit-level (?!) Metric (ga: transactionRevenue), it gave an error:

Ack! There was an error (400)
Selected dimensions and metrics cannot be queried together.

[Hope someone else can shed light on this better?!]


Try creating a custom reports, gives better idea what Dimension / Metric go well together.

Hope this helps!