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Dates sorted incorrectly in bar chart

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I'm having trouble with a stacked bar chart where I want to show data by month. It might be hard to see in the screenshot below but instead of showing the months, everything shows the year, 2016.



I have read the documentation and formatted everything correctly, I thought. The data is coming from Google Sheets. The date field in Google sheets is populated the way it says in the instructions (2016-01-01; 2016-02-01, etc). I also updated the date dimension to display in MM format, as described in the instructions. 


MM date.PNG


No matter what I do I see 2016 listed for every month. Anyone have ideas for me? I saw another post that says, rename everything just a 2 digit month, like 01, 02, etc but I don't want to do that. I want to use the date and have it sum by month, quarter, etc. 


Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Dates sorted incorrectly in bar chart

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Under the Bar Chart Properties:

Edit the Data Source

Duplicate the 'Date' Dimension

Change the type to "Month (MM)"

Rename field as needed
Click done


Use this as the Time Dimension in your Chart.