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Dates in columns in Data Studio

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My client wants to see start and end dates for the digital items in my report. I have them in my Google Sheet formatted as mm/dd/yyyy, but when imported into a Data Studio Table they show as a 5 digit number. How can get them to show as dates in mm/dd/yyyy format.?


Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 11.20.12 AM.jpgData Studio table Date showing in wrong format

Re: Dates in columns in Data Studio

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Hi Neil, 

Well, first, this is weird that date are displayed like this when they are in the right format (even if the best way for a spreadsheet would be to have date in YYYYMMDD)


In Data Studio, go to your data source, then EDIT, on the field Start and End, change the format. 


If it's not working, you will have to change first the date format in your spreadsheet and to connect again with Data Studio