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Date range controls for Google Sheet data source

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Hi there,


I'm trying to apply the date range settings in a monthly report, to data being pulled in from a data sheet. While charts and tables change to show data within the new range, data from the Sheet doesn't. Also, I can't seem to get my Sheet data to display in any other form other than the aggregation being 'Sum' - so I see the cumulative totals as opposed to the latest month's data.


The data is a combination of numbers and percentages, by month. E.g.:


Column 1: Date (using YYYYMM format as per Google guidelines)

Column 2: List of figures by month, with a column header

Column 3: List of % by month, with a column header


I'm trying to get the data to display using Scorecards, just showing the latest month's figure (in line the date range on the report).


Hope that makes sense!


I think I'm missing something in the Filters within Google Data Studio and/or date range set up in the Sheet - but struggling to find out what exactly is causing the issue.


Thanks for any help you can give.