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Datastudio | Problem with currencies

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I created a report in Datastudio with GA data. My metrics are cost and cost per conversion. I decided to have the currency in EUR thanks to the new feature. However, my metrics are now multiplied by 1.000.000. For instance, my cost per conversion is €4.5M, so that I need to create a calculated field and divide my metric by 1.000.000.


Is it a bug? Have you seen this?


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Re: Datastudio | Problem with currencies

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Are you still experiencing this bug?

Q: If you replicate the GA profile view and change the currency from EUR to USD and then try to import this new profile view into DataStudio does it work?

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a "setTransactionDelim" feature within the Data source import UI to change "." to "," as a delimiter.



P.S. You can always use the GA plugin for GoogleSheets and "/ 1000" in GoogleSheets or just use a calculated metric for "/ 1000"