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5.4K members online now
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[DataStudio] - Automatic time frame since beginning of the year

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Hello to the community,

I hope everyone is okay.


I have got a question concerning DataStudio.

And especially about the time frame option.


My need is the following :


I want to display a graph that shows the evolution of the Total Revenue from the beginning of the year up to the date of the day.

If I had just one graph, it would be acceptable to modify it each time I need, but the thing is I have got other graphs that need the same set up.


My problem is now that I caould not find a way to do so. There is no option that includes all the year up to the date of today.


Does someone know a workaround to do so ?


Thank you for reading me and help me if you can.

I would appreciate very much.


Thank you.