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Data in Table differs from Scorecard data

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Dear all, 


I have created a report which includes a table and some scorecards.

My data set is a list of projects, each with associated market segment, revenues, status.

I have put a default filter on the file to exclude all projects with a Revenue = 0. All data respects this condition (table listing all projects for instance = 85 Projects).
Comparing the data, the amount of the Users in the Scorecards differs from the amount in the table, when cumulating them. Indeed, a scorecard with a count of the projects doesn't recognize this filter (total = 100 Projects). 

Both features (Table & Scorecard) use the same data source.


Is there an explanation why the data differs?

Thanks in advance

Data in Table differs from Scorecard data

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Is it possible that the problem is count vs. unique count?


Say for instance that you have 100 projects. 80 of those projects are listed in different (whatever your dimension label is). But 20 of them are in more than one. So in the table, you'll have a higher overall total than in your filter.