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Data Upload issue: wrong format for product scope metric

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Hi community, 


I am struggeling around with GA data upload feature and hope you can help me further with this. 


I am using data upload to upload buying price for all my products: Custom Metric "BuyingPrice" with product scope

For that I used the "product data" data set type with product SKY as key and my custom metric #4 as imported data. I downloaded the schema, fullfilled it with the data and uploaded it to GA - without any errors (juhu).

But when I created my custom report to have a look on the uploaded data I saw huuuugh amounts of data - way too big. After long time of troubleshooting I regognized that GA interpredet data wrong: I uploaded e.g. 33.40 and GA transformed it to 3340. For all my data. :'( 


Example from my file (as I can't upload it...): 

gaSmiley TongueroductSku,ga:metric4


Example after upload in GA: 

gaSmiley TongueroductSku,ga:metric4


Does anybody have any idea how I can upload the data right? 


Thanks in advance and br,