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Data Studio files created in Data Studio

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Hi all, 


Apologies if this has been asked already.  I was wondering if anyone knew whether it was possible to create a folder within data studio to save/move reports to?


I know that GDS creates a file in the drive, but is this function also available within GDS?


The reason I ask is because when I create reports every month, I don't want them getting lost among other reports I create.  If I could save a report template in a folder to then access and run every month that would be so much easier rather than finding it in the long list of other reports (which as I understand it are listed from 'newest' first). For example, a folder called "client reports" would be reeaally handy.


Thanks in advance

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Data Studio files created in Data Studio

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Hi Harry,


Data Studio doesn't have the option to create folders, nonetheless, you can accomplish the same through your Drive.

Here is what I do with my client's reports to avoid getting them confused:


1- Create a source in Data Studio and name it accordingly [Account XYZ (Adwords)]. Always change the default name because it will allow you to easily locate it if you want to reuse the source

2- Create the Report in Data Studio and name it "Account XYZ"

3- Go to your Google Drive and create a new folder. Example: Reports>Account XYZ Reporting

4- In your Google Drive search bar, look for the report you just created in Data Studio "Account XYZ". Since every new file created in Data Studio is automatically accessible in the Drive it will pop, this is why it's imperative you use unique file names to make the search easier

5- After the search, you will see a file with Data Studio's logo, right click on the file and "Move to" > "Account XYZ Reporting"

6- Share the file with your client or whomever, and it will automatically share the report as well


Once you do the above, you will no longer need to create new reports each month because it will automatically update the data and people you share it with will have access to it.


I hope this was helpful.


Kind regards,

Data Studio files created in Data Studio

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No, but you could do it in Google Drive.