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Data Studio : different metrics if i extand date

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I have created a line chart in data studio :

- Organic search

- Dimension : monthly

- Statistic : sessions


If i select a month, by example May 1-31, i have 17 129 sessions in organic search, in Data Studio and Google Analytics.

If i select few months, by example January to May, i have 17 269 sessions in data studio in my line chart.


I have the right data if i only display in Data studio 1 month (line chart, or displayed data).


I don't understand why i have such difference with this Google Analytics Account.


I have not this problem with other Google Analytics account.


Have you ever encoutered this problem ?


Thank you for your help.

Data Studio : different metrics if i extand date

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I have made many tests. I can have the same data between Data Studio and Google Analytics on a period of 1 month and 3 weeks. Then, the datas are different.