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Data Studio - Problems Linking Data Sources

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# 1
Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

Hi there guys!

Just wondering... If there any way to link two data Sources in the same page?
Why I can´t?
For example... I just want to combine Adwords DATA with Analytics DATA in the same Data Studio Page...
is that possible?

Data Studio - Problems Linking Data Sources

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# 2
Explorer ✭ ✭ ☆

hi Diego, 


Actually, You can link only 1 data source to 1 page. 


If you mean that you would have differents charts from differents data source in the same page, this is possible. 

1 - Attach all your different data source in the report Data Studio (example data source X and Y)

2 - select a bar chart and connect the data source X ...

3 - select a pie chart and connect the data source Y ...

4- etc... 


Then your differents data source are connected each with the differents charts in the same page.


Hope it will help u )