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[Data Studio - Potential Bug] - Google Analytics segments causing visibility issues

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When a segment is applied in the Data Studio report it's causing analytics-related widgets to come back with an error - 


Request failed. Please refresh the page to regenerate the report.

Error ID: 79f0dac8


Is this a bug?  Or is there a setting I'm potentially missing?  I was using segments two weeks ago and the reports appeared just fine.  


What the report appears as - 


Capture 2.JPG


When the segment is removed, it appears just fine.  I've tested this with multiple analytics accounts in multiple logins and I'm still seeing the same results.  The only time I do see the data is when editing the report or specifically logged into the owner's account in view mode.  The shared link (with full permissions & logged out of the owning account) generates the issue shown in the image above.


Any assistance or news is appreciated.