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Data Studio - Data Source Connection

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I am having issues with Google Data Studio (Beta) when connecting different data sources. When I change the data source for a specific page of a report, it changes the data source for the whole report, or in the case of AdWords, it will change sources across all reports I have generated. Or even sometimes if I change the data source for a particular element on a page, it changes the data source for the whole report. I then have to go back and reconnect the original data source so I don't see a bunch of invalid visuals.


For example:

On a 3-page report I am doing a Google Analytics section, Adwords section, and Google My business section. When I change the data source for a table on the Adwords page, it changes the Analytics page.



If I have client A's AdWords account linked to a report for client A, when I create a similar report for client B, and link client B's AdWords account to this separate report, client A's report will change data source to the newest AdWords account entered, for client B.  


Is anyone else having issues with this or am I connect the data source incorrectly?


Please help! Thank you!


Edited: for clarity.