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Data Studio Data Inconsistent

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I am making some charts in data studio but when I do a bar chart of my users over the last week, the total does not match up when I do the score card of users for the last week. I manually counted each bar in the bar chart for the days and matched it up to the total the scorecard gave me but the they are completely different even thought it is the same dimension and time frame?


What could I be doing wrong?


Data Studio Data Inconsistent

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Hi Emma,

The way users are calculated in analytics is different. The user metric is not additive, but session is. Let me explain:
Lets say, a user visits a website on 1st Jan & 2nd Jan.
The report for 1st Jan only will show: 1 User 1 session.
The report for 2nd Jan only will show: 1 User 1 session
Now, the report for 1st - 2nd Jan will show: 1 User 2 session.

The total users for a particular date range will always be less(or equal), if you add daywise users, because of some of them are repeating. 

Hope this helps