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Data Studio - Custom Dimension - Get rid of some pages

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Hey guys,


so, I've a website that has three set of pages with different urls: 


1. (i.e. africa-2017)

2. (i.e. italy-2017)

3. (i.e. iceland-italy-2017)


I would like to create a custom dimension with 3 parameters for checking the performance of the different sets, I used this regex formula:

CASE WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Landing Page, "^.*(africa|asia|oceania|europe|north-america|latin-america).*") THEN "Continent"

WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Landing Page, "^.*(japan-january|japan-february|iceland|italy|india|canada|new-zealand|australia|scotland|ireland|cuba|usa|greece|thailand|spain|vietnam|south-africa|israel|cambodia|switzerland|peru|croatia|germany|morocco|egypt|nepal|philippines|portugal|turkey|russia|china|france|korea|sri-lanka|norway|costa-rica|bhutan|cambodia|south-africa|singapore|great-britain|romania|england|netherlands|kenya|malaysia|austria|chile|egypt|taiwan|brazil|albania|argentina|mexico|jordan).*") THEN "Country" ELSE "Other" END


Unfortunately it doesn't work in differentiate the country-date set from the country-country-set because both fall into the "Country" parameters since some countries are in the urls of both the sets. 


Can you help me in finding a way for differentiating the two sets?


Thank you!