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Data Studio: Changing Default Data Source

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Hello Everyone,


I am interested in learning if it is possible to change the default data source in a report after the report is created.


I am currently linking data studio with one of my google sheet files.

This google sheet file needs to be updated on a monthly basis, however when trying to reconnect the google sheet, the new entries are not included.


Thanks in advance.



Data Studio: Changing Default Data Source

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Explorer ✭ ✭ ✭

Hi @Jordan L,


Yes, you can. But remember when you connect a new data source you may need to rebuild charts if DS doesn't know which data sources are the same. However, as you say, with you connecting to GA you will only need to do this once to get a report which automatically updates.


You could remove the data source at report level, add a new one, then work through all your charts - or add the new data source to your charts one at a time at chart level.


Hope that helps,