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Data Studio Beginner

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Jumping in to Data Studio blind, and looking for a good resource.  The GA data is pretty self-explanatory but I am struggling with the .csv file upload; formatting, calculated fields, etc. Not sure if uploading these non-Google sheets external files is a new feature but I'm having a hard time finding videos or blogs that tell me how it works.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

Data Studio Beginner

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Hi @Jennifer M


Welcome, you are in the right place! You are right, the ability to upload files is relatively new, so it's not surprising that you are struggling to find resources on how to use it. I would suggest you start with the official 'Help' documentation as it's filled with useful stuff. After that, this forum is the best resource I have found, if your still struggling with an issue feel free to share some screenshots and I am sure someone will be able to help you!


Hope that helps,


Re: Data Studio Beginner

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@Jennifer M


Yes, you can upload a CSV file in Data Studio. 

This is a new feature. 

When you are in data studio, click on "Ressource" and "Manage added datas source". 

In the window, select +ADD A DATA SOURCE

Click on the connector "File Upload" and then drag and drop your CSV in the area. 

Your file will appear in the column "Data Sets"

Select your file in this column and click on the button "CONNECT" on the right side. 


You will see after all fields from your file. Click on "ADD TO REPORT"


All is done, you can now add differents charts on your sheet in data studio by using your data source. 


For more information, you can read this help Data studio "Add data from any source to Data Studio"