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Data Studio: Adwords Quality Score Metric Based on Clicks and Impressions

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Hi All,


I am struggling here to think of a formula in Data Studio that will create the metric I am trying to get at.


Here are my thoughts and examples:


I am trying to create a metric in Data Studio that takes the quality score of my keywords and gets an average for it. I know DS already does this, but I want to dig deeper. I want to find out the average quality score of keywords that are getting clicks and impressions. So, here is an example:


Say I just have two keywords with quality scores of 10/10 and 5/10. The keyword with a quality score of 10/10 receives 9 clicks, but the keyword with a quality score of 5/10 only receives 1 click. So instead of my average quality score of 7.5 ((10+5)/2...which DS gives us already), the quality score in this example would actually be 9.5 ((10*9)+(1*5)/10). 


I am struggling to create a formula for a new metric in Data Studio that would get me that number for both clicks and impressions. I also think this metric would be extremely helpful for everyone, so hopefully this helps others as well.


Thank you in advance!