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Data Control - clarifying sharing and data privacy (plus a possible bug)

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I love the new feature and can see loads of potential for it, but I have a few questions about how the sharing works and what exactly is shared.


A) If I give people access to a DS template…

  1. You can see data from the data source that I've added to it (which seems bad for privacy reasons).
  2. You can only see p1 before adding a template to your account.
  3. Once someone's added the template to their account, any updates I make won't be reflected in their versions.

Is that all correct?


Incidentally, it's not clear how to share a template. I ended up doing it by taking my report ID from my URL and slotting it into the template URLs shared on the GA blog. Am I missing something?


B) If I share access to a DS report…

  1. People will see data from the data source I added (again, not good from a privacy POV)
  2. If I remove my data source before sharing it, the Data Control feature breaks (is this a bug?)

In case it helps to explain my use case, I work with a large number of companies using the same SaaS product, and each company has their own GA property. I'd like to create a report that they can all access, populated with their own data, and be able to update that report centrally over time as the SaaS product develops.


Data Studio with Data Control looks like it almost suits my use perfectly, but it seems there are a couple of wrinkles stopping me doing that right now. If B2 turns out to be a bug, then I'll be able to make this work.