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DS- Dealing with date ranges from a Google Sheet Data Set- One Data Set or Multiple for each period

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I can get data from Google Sheets (data source) into Data Studio. For example- Google ads (not available in current reporting template). I have an issue with the treatment of dates. What is the best way to get dates for inclusion within Google Sheets- and then GDS? (using a 2ndary dimension I was able to get some date specific data- but it is not smart) Is their metadata instructions that the system uses for dates- and then the calculated field date ranges inside DS smart enough to display data that is date specific I need the data to show for any period range in the calendar of GDS. (e.g. last seven days, last 30D, last quarter, etc., etc.) GDS has metrics and dimension fields which can be taken from the Google Sheet. (I have seen some references to dates) 1. What are the best way/s to import data that is date sensitive? Do I need lots of dates(different data sets)- or I can I use one period of all time by sufficient? I am not sure if I need to create calculated fields within Google Data Studio- by copying a single date range that is a metric or dimension from the import) (e.g. last seven days, last 30 days, last quarter). How is GDS able to understand what date is for which specific period- within a mass of data? Is their meta data cover date range instructions passed from Sheets to DS?). I need to all data to be date sensitive for: 1. Calender- using automatic date range 2. Widgets that are date specific. Thanks