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Creating a metric for mobile page views in Google Data Studio

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So, I'm using Google Data Studio connected to my GA 360 account data. I'm trying to create a graphic showing me, through time:


1) My total page views 2) My total unique visitors 3) The % of my total PVs that came from mobile


These are all metrics under the date dimension.


Metrics 1 and 2 are standard to GA, so no problems there. For creating no. 3, I used the following formula (so that I would get the total mobile PVs, later I'll create another one to transform it into %).


(Page views) / SUM(CASE WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Device category, '(mobile|tablet)') THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)

(Please note that my GA is actually in Portuguese and I had to translate the "Page Views" and "Device category" in order to post them here, so these may not be their actual names in the English version of their application, but they refer to the standard metric and dimension)


So, my question here is: is that the right approach?


The formula worked, but I'm moving to GA from another service and not used to it yet, thus not sure if I'm getting the result I expected.