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Create a Table chart that would mimic a spreadsheet

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I am not sure this is possible and since I am new to DataStudio, I am not sure if I am asking the right question.


I am looking to create a Table chart that would list records in my CloudSQL instance.  The records would appear based on a Filter or Date Range.


I would like to create columns such as Name, Project ID, Project Name, etc. and have each row in the table the values from the selected records.  Just like a spreadsheet where we have columns and rows.


Can this be done with DataStudio?  And how would I do this?



Re: Create a Table chart that would mimic a spreadsheet

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Try creating a table. You'll have to connect your datasource as CloudSQL (I haven't used that, but it should be fairly intuitive, like the Google Sheets and GA datasets are). Then add your dimensions and metrics in the spaces provided (they'll show up in red when not listed). The only thing you can't do is create a pivot-table like chart with a dimension across the top. But if you want dimensions down the left side, you can include those, and then as many metrics as you want.