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Correct position of text and data

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Hello people,

I'm creating some interesting reports with the data studio, but I'm beating myself too much to correctly position numbers and text, whether they are data or topics on the grid, or what I've come to realize is measured by 10x10 pixels.

I searched a lot and did not find where to disable this so I can adjust pixel to pixel placement, even though we used some background images to define certain fields. Even trying to create background images that were multiples of 10pixels to try to minimize but still not very successful.

- First question, I have not found where to disable this grid or does it really exist and have to live with numbers out of position and misaligned? (Another problem because the fonts have predefined sizes and can not be adjusted, only chosen intervals, some very large)

- Second question, if there is no way to disable this grid of 10 by 10 pixels, is it in the Datastudio roadmap to allow this?

We are an advertising agency and one of our qualities is to present very beautiful reports (And what we are trying to automate), which this limitation is not allowing.
Thank you

Correct position of text and data

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Hi Junior,


You can't change this setting at present, as Data Studio is currently a Beta product there is a change this feature will become available in the future, but right now you can't customise these elements.


Hope that helps,