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Conversion rate

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I'm using pageviews of a specific page as a conversion. Since this wasn't set up historically in GA (though it is now), and I'd like to see that trend over time, I'm not using the conversion metric from GA. Instead, I'm pulling pageviews and filtering for those specific pages. 


This provides the number of conversions just fine. However, what I'd now like to do is create a conversion rate. So, I have one set of pages that they visit (that I can create with a filter, there's no conversion goal set up in GA), and then the conversions are whether they fill out the form. If I can do conversion pages filter / form pages filter, that would be perfect. But I don't see a way to do that since editing metrics is separate from the filters. Any ideas? Or is the only way to get at it to set up a conversion goal in GA and use that conversion rate?