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Conversion in DS

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Hey everyone,


I'm new to DS and from the Netherlands, so hopefully you can understand the problem i'm having and help me with itSmiley Happy.


I want to make different graphs in DS, based on the data in a spreadsheet. This works fine, until i need to show a 'conversion percentage'. I can't seem to get this metric right. 


I don't know how to add a spreadsheet, so i'll try to make an example.

The columns and rows in my spreadsheet are like this:


Date                    Source          Contract

01-02-2016        Facebook      Yes

02-02-2016        Website         Yes

03-02-2016        Facebook      No

03-02-2016        Facebook      Yes

04-02-2016        Website         No

And so on...


I want to see the percentage of people from a certain source sign a contract (convert).

I can't seem to do this.


So i tried making extra colums in my spreadsheet, where i used the IF function (IF Facebook then '1'. IF contract = Yes, then 1). The spreadsheet is now like this: 

Date                    Source          Contract     Source Facebook?     Contract signed?

01-02-2016        Facebook      Yes              1                                    1 

02-02-2016        Website         Yes                                                     1

03-02-2016        Facebook      No                1                                 

03-02-2016        Facebook      Yes               1                                   1

04-02-2016        Website         No

And so on...


Still i can't seem to get the metric right. I tried to use the function 'Sum' in the formule but for some reason that doesn't work.


Can anyone help me with this? How can i show a conversion rate in DS?


If it's not clear, my apologies. Please let me know what information you need for making this issue clear.


Thanks in advance!