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Conversion Rate for an event (Pageviews / Events)

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I am new to Google Data Studio and trying to wrap my head around custom metrics.


In this case I'd like to display the conversion rate of a page as a 'scorecard'. In GA I track an event and I have it set up as a goal. GA reports the conversion rate of this goal based on all pages of the site. However, I only want to know the percentage of people who trigger the event on the particular page the button lives. How would I display this in Google Data Studio?


For example, 1872 pageviews/136 events = 13.8% Conversion Rate


I can:

  • pull in the total number of events (here, as a goal completion)
  • pull in the number of pageviews, filtered by only the page in question
  • How do I combine these two numbers to create a conversion rate scorecard?


Can anyone recommend a website with tutorials, example dashboards, or metric recipes?


Thank you!



Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.22.01 PM.png