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Configuration error/query error when connecting to Cloud SQL

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I'm trying out Google Data Studio connecting to Google Cloud SQL, and for a reason that I fail to find it does not work.
Please see problem description below:

I succeeded in setting up a Cloud SQL Postgresql instance. I can connect to this instance from within the company network with standard SQL tools.

I've create a schema and simple table inside the database (from within the company network). (See last image below.)

For access by Data Studio I've also added all Google networks as listed in this Google Support Article.

In Data Studio I can connect to the Cloud SQL Postgresql instance. I can do this both as a Cloud SQL

data source or as a Postgresql data source

(both require the exact same connection data: ip address, port, username, password, database).

In Data Studio I can select a table from my database and define the fields as measures or dimensions,

and define the aggregation strategy for the measures (see image below).

Yet when I then add a simple table to the page and add a dimension and a measure

I get "Configuration error". When I open the error I get the message "there is a query error".

(see below images).

When I select a predefined example data source in data studio I can indeed create a simple table.

Am I trying something that is not (yet) supported?

Is there somewhere where I can see the query that Data Studio generates and fires off to the database?
Is there somewhere in Data Studio where you can see the raw data from a data connector?

What do the id's in the (cryptic) error messages mean? Thx for your feed-back.

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Data Connection:
Configuration error:

Details of Configuration error:
Cloud SQL access via psql in Cloud Shell: