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Charts not pulling/sorting right data from column

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My data set has two columns, one is a search term and one is the number of times it was searched. I have 1,700+ rows of this data. I created a Table to display this data in my report. It correctly pulls in the values for each of the two columns, but does not display the correct data.


I have it set to display 20 rows and sort by Universal Search Unique (2nd column), descending. It doesn't do this at all and instead is taking a random block of results from my data set - the ones displayed below are near the bottom, but not at the very bottom. The top results are 57, 39, 30, etc.  Those are the values that should be showing when I sort by universal unique search, descending.


Please help.Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.41.02 PM.png