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Cannot perform text filtering over a resource obtained through a join SQL query

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1- I have a resource obtained using a compound Joined SQL request :

SELECT, sale_order_line.create_date, sale_order_line.order_partner_id, as product_name, 
       CASE WHEN res_partner.parent_id IS NULL 
                   SELECT name FROM res_partner as newparent WHERE = res_partner.parent_id
FROM sale_order_line
JOIN res_partner ON
WHERE res_partner.parent_id IS NOT NULL OR res_partner.company_type = 'company';


2- In data studio, I set up a filter acting upon the field product_name :

exclude product_name contains "UPS"

3- I get the following error, suggesting that the wrong comparison operator has been used in one of your internal SQL queries :


The query returned an error.

Error with SQL statement: ERROR: operator does not exist: integer == integer
  Hint: No operator matches the given name and argument type(s). You might need to add explicit type casts.
  Position: 754
Error ID: 6bca3452

I would be super happy if you guys could make the filters work because I really do not want to perform the filtering in the initial SQL connector Query: data studio filters are way more flexible to use.