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Can you change date ranges from exclusive to inclusive?

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I'm having an issue with date selections.  We have a google sheet that looks like this:


2017-03-08 11-49-23 AM.png

And I've got the datasource defined as year, month:


2017-03-08 11-51-12 AM.png

However, when I pull a chart, it drops the first month's data (though the chart shows an empty month):


2017-03-08 11-52-39 AM.png


2017-03-08 11-53-08 AM.png

Does this on every date range.


I suspect what is happening is that Google has done a "if date is > startdate" sort of deal, and so my dates are excluded, because they're equal to, not greater than.


Anyone come across this?  Any idea how to change it?

I've tried adding a second, but then I have to change the data format to YMDH and my axis is then polluted by times.  Same thing with making it the second of the month instead of the first (axis shows day of month).