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Calculated metric GA - Data studio

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Hi all,

My bigger challenge is to create a report in Data Studio that will show A\B test results. The Data will be extracted from GA and the Control\variant is distinguished by event label.

In order to develop my report on how a variant affect the shopping behavior funnel.

The problem:

I've been trying to show in data studio "Sessions with product view" similar to one shown on the "Shopping behavior report" on GA.

  • I can create a segment that will show only sessions that the dimension "page" contained "product" and did not contain "products" (the second is my naming for category pages). However this is not a calculated metric, therefore i can't use is in data studio.
  • I've tryied to use this method: took the: sessions * MAX(CASE WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(page,^(?=.*?\bmust-have\b)(?=.*?\bmandatory\b)((?!products|product).)*$) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)  i get a could not parse formula error.