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Calculated Metrics

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Hello All,


I am trying to create a scorecard that shows the number of users who created a favourite. Under "Event Category" we have "favorite", "user_favorite", etc. In data studio, I have the metrics for Total Events, "Unique Events", "Event Value", "Avg. Value", "Sessions with Event", "Events / Session with Event". I do not have any metric or dimension for "favorites". I am wondering how I can create a metric for this specific row under "Event Category" to use in google data studio?Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 3.30.56 PM.png


Thanks for any help!


Calculated Metrics

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You basically want to apply a filter to a scorecard based on my understanding of your question. 


1. Select scorecard and place it on your GDS canvas. 

2. Choose the dimension that has the value you want. (in this case, your scorecard dimension will be event category)

3. Click on the scorecard to get the 'data' tab on the right hand side of the GDS page.

3. In the data tab on the right hand side of the screen, scroll to the section that says "Scorecard filter" (it has a little blue plus) and click '+Add a filter' 

4. At the bottom of that page, create a new filter.

5. Name your filter something that is meaningful to you, so you know how to apply it to future 'event category' scorecards.

6. Choose 'include', where it says 'Select a field' choose event category, change 'Select a condition' to regexp contains, and in the text field, write the regex string you want to match in the scorecard (in this case the word favorite).


Now you should have a scorecard dedicated to giving you the requested information.


Let me know if this works for you!

Calculated Metrics

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Is your new event category scorecard inheriting any additional filters from the page? 

Do you have a date range selector that could be accidentally looking at a different time frame?

Have you set the date range in the data tab of GDS to anything specific? Or is it set to auto?


Is your number higher or lower than expected?


If higher, it's getting additional event category terms that contain the string 'favorite' and combining them into the scorecard. I've never experienced data issues between GDS and GA, they have always been 1 to 1.


Potentially try creating a brand new GDS, and only attaching the one data source to the GDS that you're trying to use. Import all the metrics and dimensions, and start from scratch.